🇬🇧 [EU/US] LOOKING FOR A PURPOSE? - New Eden Police Force - NewBro&Returning friendly - 80%PVP-20%PVE-Join the cause!

love bump once again

Bump for the force

Thumbs up for the Police, kicking some nice but recently i see… :star_struck:

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thank you so much for all the support :wink:

Sent in an application, looking forward to hearing back.

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Thanks m8, you have been contacted by EVE mail :sunglasses: hope to cyah soon

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Are you guys active on AUTZ? Might consider joining.

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Bump for the gang :+1:

yop m8, sorry, as much as we will love to have you we are not really active at that time, make sure that u find a corp that is active at YOUR time, dont go for anything else or it will lose the whole purpose of joining a player owned corp and that should be playing with others :v:

Sent in an application, looking forward to hearing back :slight_smile:


Bump of greatness!! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Looking fwd to have you with us :sunglasses:

Bump for law & order :muscle:t2:

Awesome stuff you guys r doing!! Keep growing! :+1:t2:

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Thank you all for the love, we still MAX ON!! :sunglasses:

Bump the Force!! :sunglasses: :muscle:

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Thanks all for the support, the people are great, thanks all for joining the fight, donations etc. Love to you all from the entire force :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love the group, by time someone did somthing serious and organized about it, I can see they are growing alot and fast, see them usually with my alt wile mining and keeping an eye and warning us about gankers etc.
Anyway, keep it up guys. Great Job! :star_struck:

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Bump to you all guys.

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Thanks for the support :sunglasses: