🇬🇧 [EU/US] LOOKING FOR A PURPOSE? - New Eden Police Force - NewBro&Returning friendly - 80%PVP-20%PVE-Join the cause!

Hi there!

This thread caught my attention. I recently came back to EVE after a long break, and am looking for something interesting to do. I actually think that piracy is great, and a necessary part of the game (and am considering joining a low-sec group at some point). But the way you guys are dealing with it is really inspiring in my opinion. I’ve been reading EVE forums for a while, and I’ve seen all the tears, but you guys seem to actually enjoy the content that piracy provides. So I definitely wouldn’t mind doing something like this for a while, if the fit is good.

So my question is: how’s your US evening coverage? Part of the reason I got burned out in the past was because it was hard to find a group that didn’t all log off when it was 9 PM for me. Secondary question is what’s your general area of operations? You don’t have to be specific for security reasons, I’d just like to know where I’d have to potentially relocate. I’m not a big fan of certain regions.

yo m8, Fire Venom sendt you an ingame mail, hope to ttys :blush:

Are you guys still recruiting? Im new and am interested in joining this at some point

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Love for the bunch ;o)

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Thumbs up to the force :+1: :muscle:

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:+1: to a great group for both newbros and vets to pvp and enjoy eve in any aspect really. Gratz

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Hey guys,

Sent you an ingame application to join. Great concept, would love to be a part of it.

yup, thx m8, thx for a great talk in discord and welcome to the force :sunglasses:

love to yah all :sunglasses:

Do get to yell “pull the ■■■■ ova!” and use police brutality vs ships resisting arrest ?

always :sunglasses:

+1 to the force, thanks for the help :+1:

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you’re welcome. *love