[EU/US] - Mature / No War / High-sec PVE / Mining / Industry Corp / PvP sprinkled in (participation in public NPSI fleets) / Free BPO library worth 8b / new & returning players / ║███░L░O░A░D░I░N░G░ Alliance is recruiting like minded corps

Thanks Fyr!

I’m a returning player who’s been playing solo since I started and I’m definitely interested in joining up and being part of a team. I’m basically looking to continue mining and try out some hauling and industry if you’re still looking for recruits.

I guess my only issue is distance as I’m in the Gekutami region, so relocating might be a bit of an issue. Either way I’m still interested and can figure out the logistics later.

Hi am interested to join the corp. Looking for a corp to do some mining and start industry. Been playing eve for about a month now loving it so far. Will message u in game once i get on my pc.

Hi there, I like to join. Please send invite… Grtz, Stig Anderson

I am interested in joining your Corp.

I dont know if this still active, I committed the mistake of joint a random invite from the noon chat because…well, I’m a noob, this kids won’t help at all, I still have to go to the noon chat to get my questions answered, I’m a 47 year old man that love gaming, i have been playing for only 3 days and already lost 2 ships, I have a lot of learning to do but I love the game concept, I would join a drama free corp if you are willing to accept an old dude.


I am interested in joining your corp. I have a 6 year old 85m skill point toon but only played a couple months of actual game play. I am a solo player but looking for a chill corp to expand my horizons.

Interested in joining,. Please contact me in game or send a pub channel. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in signing up. Around most of the day. Pub channel or chat invite if you can. Looking forward to hearing from you!

oops, accidently killed a goon capital with a 10 man slicer fleet


hey I am interessted in joining. Can we talk?

Still recruiting, still helping out new and old players alike. Corp and Alliance growing stronger by the day. Come look us up, we could be your first, next and hopefully last corp that you join whilst playing the great Eve Online :slight_smile:

Agent Blackbear,

     Good Day Sir. I'm interested in joining you crew. Hit me up.


It is rare indeed to find a decent corporation in New Eden. The simple fact is with tens of thousands of corps, a great number of them are going to be worthless - or worse. This is especially true for new people. Celestial Precision is a galaxy class corporation for new, old - and returning players. This is a corporation with culture and inter-connectivity. This is a family.

This is my family.

– Malcor Rex

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Hi there,

I became curious in trying out this sandbox of a game again, after a half-decade long absence, in june and for a reason i will never figure out, i found the recruitment post of this fine bunch of players on here.

(of course i searched out where my former corp buddies and their corp itself were, only to find that they have been slowly fading away… :()

Since june of this year i have ‘let’ them recruit my two alts into joining this corp as well, and we haven’t regretted it the least.

As the posters above say, this corp seems to be a ‘new bro friendly’ one, also it seems to tolerate old farts who should know their way about and in EvE but can’t remember the details and keep on staggering about, the latter has been a welcomed thing to see :slight_smile:

If and when You are curious to know more of this corporation and our ways of playing EvE Online, log into the game and onto the in-game chat channel ‘Loading’.

Fly safe 07

TB Striker

Hi please get in touch I’m a Diplo for Freight Train Diplomacy a Null Sec alliance located in VALE

good afternoon folks, on now to talk!

Hi I’m looking for a new home. :slight_smile:
Returning player can you get back to me?

I would like to Join up. Last Corp nobody was really on. I like mining. I have 2 mining Barges and a few mining frigates. So please get back to me when you can. Thank You.

welcome aboard folks! happy to have you!