[EU/US] - Mature / No War / High-sec PVE / Mining / Industry Corp / PvP sprinkled in (participation in public NPSI fleets) / Free BPO library worth 8b / new & returning players / ║███░L░O░A░D░I░N░G░ Alliance is recruiting like minded corps


We are
Celestial Precision
and we’re looking for individual pilots, newbros are welcome but most of our pilots are recently returned veterans.

We operate in
We enjoy
As well as
We offer a
Free Library
We enjoy going out on
However we never force PVP upon our members.
No Wars 2

This is our alliance logo

Our links:

We are English speaking
Heavy EU and US time zones however people are online at all times of day

10 to 40 people online at anytime of the day between the corp and the alliance.

*When we mine, many of us have orcas and provide boosts.

We do industry (we have a free BPO library you can make copies of at anytime, roughly 8b in BPOs saved up and we like to add to it every month)

We do missions (level 3s and level 4s) and we’re happy to help you.

We trade (we like to talk about the market and share tips with each other to maximize profits)

Worm hole day trips (wormhole dive team, one of US will go in and pretend to hack relic sites while the rest of us sit in bombers and wait for a target to pop up, shhh we’re hunting wabbits)

Null sec PVP filament runs (once a week or so we like to try and filament out into nullsec and see if we can get any kills, it usually ends in hilarious death but sometimes we get something cool. see link below) Lif | Scribbled | Killmail | zKillboard

Now that the invasion with triglavians is over we’ve joined the blue donut in trig space, you may travel into raravoss and surrounding systems without being attacked, only a few of us operate in this space. Most still in high sec but if you have the desire to get involved in trig content we have your ticket in!

We ask that you’re a mature person, please no drama or kid stuff. Everyone in the corp is either an adult or is really good at pretending to be an adult.

Most of our members are (or started off as) solo players that like getting together with their friends a few times a week to try something new.

recruitment video:

Map of our region:

If you’d like to join our public channel it is "Loading, Please Wait. " (also linked in our corp bio)

want to join? send an application!

Real Life


Toppskillz Ya here Fairly Newbro to eve just over 2 months. Celestial Precision has been an awesome help to get me started in my flying about trying to be de space capitan…friendly group of capsuleers who so far have had my back. I am now able to help others in their efforts…so if your looking for fresh start or would a new group of capsuleers hungry for ISK and adventure Please Join. I love the video here really captures our essence.

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Mr Slothicus here one of the directors of the corp. Just want to say newbro or experienced are welcome we have a variety of people in the corp already with a variety of experiences. We have newbros learning from the experienced. We also have experienced learning from other experienced players in different areas of the game we are all for expanding your learning within the game. We have an ethos which is RL comes first as well as an amazing atmosphere within the alliance. Boosted mining 99% of the time and you can always ask if you want to join in on mission running any questions just throw us a message :slight_smile:


Hi. I have been playing Eve on and off since the beginning, and been round a few corps in my time. The underlying message from this (our) Corp is that we are all here to help, to meet up, or just to let you get on with what you want to do, knowing that there is always someone online to chat with or ask advice.
Nothing is too much for these guys, they certainly make you feel welcome, and whether new or vet, old or young, you will find something to do. I recently strayed away from Mission running and explored a Wormhole, carried out a Data Site, and am looking to go on my first pvp roam into low/null sec. I have ran missions with other guys (this certainly speeds up completion time!), and been in mining fleets, all aspects of Eve are covered, including manufacturing/research etc.
I can only say thanks to the guys, and I welcome you all to look us up, and join the Corp, or one of the other Corps in the Alliance. You will thank yourself that you did.


Hey there,
I have been with CP for a while now. i have made several moves with them over time. I say them, but i mean Us. This corp may be individual gamers, but it functions as a strong single unit when the needs arise. The support from above, the ceo and directors, and from all the capsuleers iz amazing. I have been in numerous corps and never has it been so laid back and comfortable. Courses and instruction is offered regularly and whenever asked for as well.

If you are just returning to eve after a long break or are new and need help? or if you have 500,000,000 Sp and need a change of pace? Even if you just lost 500bil in BPOs in one silly mistake? Celestial Precision is a great Corp to be a part of. Come grow with us!


I joined Celestial Precision on my first day of Eve and they have done more than I would usually expect from a group in a game. They help out, give isk when needed and ships, as well as plenty of tips and help and they’re all nice people.
10/10 would join again


As a returning player I was looking for somewhere to relearn the game and have some relaxed fun. Celestial Precision has proved to be exactly the right place for that. A great bunch of guys and I’m really glad I joined them. Definitely recommended, whether you are a new pilot or an old vet.


we just got done with a 3 hour moon mining op, this is something we’d like to start doing at least once a week. If it’s something you’d like to get involved in give us a shout!

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Agent Blackbear,

Thanks for the invite. As a new player your corp (and alliance also) have made this experience a lot easier both in terms of the learning curve, and also the free ships.

If you are a new player, the expression don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose is really true. You will lose ships. I have lost a few and think it will continue to happen. Thanks to this corp they were replaced and I am getting an understanding of what is possible in this game instead of sitting around crying about my dead ships with no ISK to buy more. I strongly suggest you give this corp a try.


Proud to fly with the classy Gentlemen from this Corp, they have vast knowledge on any topic you may need help with, Located in an ideal corner of the galaxy close to main trade hubs with plenty of rocks to mine. Look no further if you’re new and need a Corp to call home, these Gents will teach you all you need to know in a hurry. Hope to fly with you all soon XD

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Hey there i’m in the eve universe for a month now. Before I played WoW for like 10years.

Getting started in Eve can be a tough thing. After the first tutortial and the epic arc there’s a good chance that you get totally lost in space and somehow loose your path. Or you don’t even know that there could be anything like a path inside this game :wink:
Fortunately I got in contact with this corp, and they helped me out about everything.
There are newbros like me and veterans who seem to know everything about eve and don’t hesitate to share their knowlege.
We got smaller and bigger events like every week for all the activities you might be interested in. The veterans take you by the hand and simply show you how things work.
Big Thanks to Blackbear and the rest of the crew!

See you all in space o7

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I have some questions, do you guys have a discord or in game chat I could join to ask them?

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Like what I see, can you give me some more info ?

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Do you guys happen to have a Discord I could join?

20 of us online come chat with us

Hi, Long time eve player looking for something different, I’ve refreshed my own recruitment thread. How close do you guys come to this?

Also where are you based?

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Joined up, Seems like a chill, fun group of players!

Hey thanks for saying that.

I encourage anyone on the fence to join up and try us out or put an alt in and see what we’re all about.

we are starting a worm hole dive team within the corp, anyone interested in joining / teaching some rookie pilots worm hole exploration please get in touch

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Great guys, great Corp and a very social Alliance. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a high sec home. Big up :smile:

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