[EU/US] [NS] Hyper Meme Industries: Do stupid stuff responsibly! PVP and Indy focussed corp

60 days have passed, plenty of people have joined us. Yet we are still hungry for more!

And on this day, you need a new corp which you just found! Join our discord and let’s talk!

Looking for people who will give you a good time in eve? Look no further! Community is a huge part of a corporation and we got a good one!

Oopsie sometimes life gets busy even for leadership! But today we are back as we still want you in our corp!

0.0 has two holes, we as a corp fill one hole, will you fill the other?

(look sometimes I have to be a lil cringe okay)

Lot’s of fun stuff starting to take root. If there was a moment to pick to join, now would be it!

Server may be down, but we still need people for when the server comes back! Gotta maximize those gains when Eve Offline allows us ~

Monday is always so blue… Oh wait that is your corpmates and alliance mates! Let’s give blue Monday a new definition :smiley:

It seems to be drawing blank tuesday… Probably all those meetings, time to shoot something or point lasers at something!

Wednesday has arrived, perfect moment to kick back and relax. After all most of the content is in the weekend! So rest up, join up and let’s go have fun!

Thursday is very similar to Tuesdays… Way too tiring during the day but oh so fun during the evening when you hang out with corpmates!

Friday is fun day, do I have to say anything else?

Saturday is content day, what kind of content are you doing today? Tell us about it and I am sure we do it as well!

And sunday if the last day of the week or the first day of the next week! So either is a good start or a good end with us ~

New week, new chances. What are you going to risk this week? Perhaps we can help! Join us today ~

A stampede is coming, on which side are you? Find out and perhaps decide to join our side ~

The early bird catches the worm, don’t know what kind of worm we are catching today though! Please let yourself be known!

We do stuff, come join! We got cookies too!

Didn’t go to fanfest? Looking for a corp instead to chill with? Welp reach out now!

Big fleets, small fleets, small roams, solo roams, solo activity, group activity… All part of eve and all part of our corporation!