[EU/US] [NS] Hyper Meme Industries: Do stupid stuff responsibly! PVP and Indy focussed corp

End of the week, our gamble paid out, did yours? Perhaps you need a change of pace!

Fresh memes, fresh kills, fresh content! What else do you want?

Nothing to be seen in space, want to know why or how or what? Perhaps want to join in? Come talk to us to join us!

FC said join! Join Hyper Meme Industries!

FC is still yelling join! You are missing out ~

Enough FC jokes, FC wanted us to get serious. Well how about we all get seriously good together?

Welp a pattern must be forming, yall also got a good sleep schedule? We are recruiting regardless oy your sleep schedule though!

Looking for a corp? Look no further and reach out! We got cookies and popcorn.

US or EU timezone? Looking for a chill environment? Stop reading and join our discord to chat!

Halt, stop searching now and reach out to us! You won’t regret it ~

Crimson skies, time to go shoot stuff!

I’d say friday fun fleet day, but if you are on the wrong end of it you will not find today a fun day! So make sure to be on the right side ~

Sometimes you have to enjoy the beautiful things in eve… Lots of fireworks being given out again so soon we shall make some fun firework displays. Wanna see them or rather maybe even be part of them? Join now!

Some need a sign, others provide the sign! Now where is this sign pointing to? Well join us to find out!

Today is a little simple, after all we gotta relax after the first work day of the week… What did you do for your first work day in eve? Maybe it can be better with us!

The early bird catches the worm, let’s see what we will catch today!

When work keeps you busy but you get online only to do have fun! Yes in our corporation fun is important ^^

Hot take incoming: You’ll have a lot of fun in Hyper Meme industries!

Do not believe me? Join us to find out!

Friday is more fun with friends! They all start with an F anyway… How to get friends in eve? Join our corporation!

FC said jump! Jump over to our discord for a chat to join us ~