[EU/US] [NS] Hyper Meme Industries: Do stupid stuff responsibly! PVP and Indy focussed corp

I genuinely ran out fo things to say, gotta love all those alliance teams losing their flag ships! Maybe they could have uused a meme class?

Moons are popping and being mined. On top of that we are blowing stuff up! Make isk, spend isk! Join now!

Looking for a relaxed and fresh place? We got one!

Lots of stuff to do, lots of isk to earn! We’d love to have you ~

Still growing and still looking for more! The more the merrier and the juicer stuff we can do~!

Someone has to hyper rig the memes, that is why exist as hyper meme industries! Want to join in on the fun? Reach out today!

Still looking for folks to join us!

Looking for greener pastures? Well ours could be! There is truly only one way to find out, reach out and let’s have a talk!

Still looking for more, gotta make sure we all grow strong together!

Eve is much more fun together, even if it just means a lil extra safety! We got cookies, memes and a relaxing atmosphere, join today!

We still got cookies and we still need more pilots!

Perhaps cookies is not for you, how about some popcorn instead? Popcorn always goes well with a nice explosion! Join us today as we got both!

We do stuff, wanna find out what? Come talk to us!

Another day, another opportunity to do something stupid responsibly. Do you want that opportunity? Well reach out today!

You + Hyper Meme Industries = lots of fun in a chill environment where you can improve or teach! We’d love to chat with you about possibilities ~

The cookies and popcorn are still waiting!

That popcorn was needed yesterday… But we got more!

If you think we are rurnning out of popcorn or cookies… You will be mistaken! Join now to claim yours ~

Popcorn ran out, so instead let me tell you about our awesome activities: blowing stuff up, building stuff and get blown up! It’s eve, stuff gets build and blown up.

Still needing folks!