[EU, US, nullsec] Space Ants - fly with friends!

We are Space Ants, capsuleers from all over New Eden, fighting together for fun and uh… better New Eden, but mostly for fun :sunglasses:

We are looking for active PVP players and even industrialists with teeth. We live up in Deklein (and sometimes we do roams into Caldari/Gallente FW lowsec) and we have quite an exciting time here! We are currently spread through EU, UK and US timezone, and we hope you can join us and shoot things with us.

We are newbie friendly corporation. If you have decided to give EVE a go, we can guide you through the process of getting into the most exciting area in New Eden, sovereignty nullsec. You don’t need much more other than the will to learn and the courage to ask. Oh, and Teamspeak, that’s a must.

We are also veteran friendly corporation. Apart from some lighthearted subcap or cap hotdrops on scared neut roams you can also utilise a wide spectrum of ships on our alliance/coalition roams. And of course, get ready to show the power of your Revelation/Phoenix/Naglfar/Moros to our enemies!

So what can we offer for you?

  • Small to medium alliance roams, blops
  • Small to large coalition fleets
  • Mining fleets with boosts
  • Partial Ship Replacement Program (SRP) on the alliance level (we’re not going to replace your draek, sorry)
  • Jump freighter service on alliance and coalition level
  • Buyback program for your Ore, Ice, Planetary Interaction (PI) and salvaging loot

What would Space Ants like from you in return:

  • Join our teamspeak community
  • Fly with your fellow Ants to protect our space from intruders (we can teach you how to do that)
  • Skill Points requirements: none
  • ESI key (like API key but new)
  • Have fun!

For more info please join Space Ants Public channel and say hi to everyone, or send an EVEmail to Ivory Harcourt.

Be a part of our stories. Welcome to Space Ants!

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These guys are fun to fly with!

lazy bump!

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