Holy $#!%, the Space Ants are recruiting! (Etherium Reach)


There are plenty of corporations in Everyone Vs Everyone Online.

Some of them promise you industrial opportunities, or combat opportunities, or opportunities to serve a cause of some kind. Others explain why they need as many of you as possible, even though they have no clue who any of you are, and why you should choose them over all the other corporations fighting for your attention and your application. They believe that big numbers are needed to do big things.

We don’t need big numbers. We need good people.

Space Ants is an ancient corporation. Its fortunes have risen and fallen. Its fame has grown and diminished. It has based itself out of high sec, low sec, wormhole space, and null sec, which is where it resides today. Its veteran members have weathered countless storms together, and they’re still here. All of them. Not because of industrial opportunities, or combat opportunities, or the opportunity to serve a cause. They’re still here because of what they mean to one another.

Our doors are now open to new members, subject to an honest conversation about your compatibility. Your skills, your killboard, and the size of your capitals are irrelevant to us. We have skills, we have kills, and we have all the caps that mama could pack for us. What matters to the Space Ants is personality.

What we offer:

  • An active core group composed of world-class muppets
  • Exploitable sovereign space controlled by SLYCE
  • PvP / PvE / EvP / AvP / OwO
  • The chance to dry hump a Titan for a few hours each week
  • Bob7k’s intimate knowledge of literally everything interesting
  • Expanding infrastructure
  • Moons, belts, planets, anomalies, and of course, glorious holes!
  • Quick and affordable asset shipping with our transportation partners
  • All the flavors of delicious exploration
  • Corporation, alliance, and coalition fleets with well-defined doctrines and solid FCs
  • Lots of targets to shoot in the face

Now, I know what you’re thinking…


But somehow it gets even better.

What we don’t offer:

  • Petty drama
  • Vast numbers of shrieking idiots
  • A forgettable experience

If this sounds like your kind of apple, go ahead and pick it off the tree. Contact @Minted by mail, and your interview will be scheduled for the nearest available time.

And always remember that the answer to the question “Do you want Ants?” is “Yes, I do want Ants”, because Ants are amazing creatures. They can carry up to 50 times their own weight, they make excellent warriors, and their memes are by far the dankest in the animal kingdom.


This post must be… At least three times bigger!

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You bet your sweet bippy, Bob.

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Since when are we recruiting?

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Come on, Lac. You were in the meeting. You know this is all just an elaborate ruse we’ve constructed to convince people that we aren’t just figments of their imaginations.

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Also, yes we are recruiting spais!

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And if you are a spy, please list what kind of mining ships you can fly when dropping off your application.

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Back to the top of capsuleer crapheap we go!

FYI, having the following skills will significantly increase your chances of joining:

  • Blapping 5
  • Shitposting 5
  • Ibis Spamming 5
  • Gatecamp Feeding 5
  • Memeology 5
  • Dying Silently (to at least 1, although we do understand that the book is expensive)

We also have a Reaper enthusiasts club! Who doesn’t love a good rust-bucket? Noctis pilots needs not apply - the fear of you salvaging us is very real.

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Nobody who matters - that’s who doesn’t love a rust-bucket, Matt. And speaking of rusty buckets, joining Space Ants now gets you automatically enrolled in our Corvette SRP program.

Our core team of EVE veterans will walk you step-by-step through the tedious and time-consuming process of finding and clicking the “Board my Corvette” button, completely free of charge!

We do this sort of thing, not because we’re obliged to, but because we care.

This is sounding interesting. do you have high sec stull as well as nullsec activities?

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We do still occasionally do things in high and low sec, yes, but these things are somewhat limited to mission running, low sec roams, transportation and associated logistics… that sort of stuff. That said, we always have a need for people throughout EVE.

Message me if you want to chat, and I’ll drag you into the dungeon. I mean, office. Wait, I meant dungeon, I got it right the first time.

Don’t worry. It’s fun down there. I promise.

had a corp and alliance get me to go down to null.
“There is an alliance Station”.
" There are ships available"
Yes one station, yes ships but nothing to fit them with so kamikaze runs in blockade runner. Some runs in Aries when bubble world was up. Mined a little. No ore buy back or “the guy that buys ore has not been on in a month”.

Don’t even want to talk about wicked creek not so fun times. one day a POS the next day everything was stolen by high ranking alliance members.

It sounds like the alliance you were in had a case of terminal asshattery, also known as “thumb in bum” syndrome. It’s a terrible disease that affects at least 1 out of every 1.3 alliances in this game. Fortunately, things around here run very smoothly. Too smoothly, in fact. We could benefit from more slacking.

Space Ants has completely corrupted the system in which I live, and joining them has taken my Eve career to new lows.

10/10 would absolutely recommend.

Note: All stations are BYOAHG (Bring your own air horn gas)

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I’m at work reading your add and responses to various things. Maybe this is the corp for me or iim good for the corp who knows. I will be home 6PM PDT. Will check on how to contact you for the interview process and such. in game. also have phone app for in game mail.

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I haven’t heard from you, Joe, but that’s alright. Life is a strange fruit.

One day you think to yourself “Man, this corporation looks like the caterpillar’s kimono, boy! I’m gonna talk to that charming and probably painfully handsome chap Minted about it”, and the next day, you’re all “These people are clearly the worst kind of plebs. I’m gonna pass”, and that’s alright too. These things happen. That said, if you change your mind and decide that you want to explore the possibility of joining the sexiest damn corporation in EVE, we’ll be here. Being sexy.

As for the rest of you reading this, you really should consider talking to me about Space Ants, because it’s more than a corp - it’s a digital society driven by friendships, and cards on the table, I’m genuinely thankful that I found them. Space Ants saved this terrible game for me. It could save it for you too.

Now if you will excuse me, I have very important r/eve threads full of saucy bees to read.

Can you please explain this post by one of your members / ex-directors?



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Indeed I can. It was posted by you, a director who has bumped this thread, who was asked to leave our corporation after getting high, stealing from alliance ESS chains, mocking the blues you stole from, and awoxing a Sabre! Crazy night, right?

And I’m very glad you posted that here, Myrhea. Because, frankly, if there’s one thing that our corporation isn’t… it’s boring. We do appreciate the content you’ve provided recently. A little spice in the soup is a wonderful thing.

And your memes are pretty dank.

10/10 would absolutely huff air horn gas with again.

You have mail. But if your in null probably could have hand delivered it.