Have you ever wanted to be apart of an Ant Colony? Well look no further!


We are a quickly growing alliance that participates in all aspects of EVE. We have a strong Industrial crew as well as a new special interest PvP gang. Coming soon we will have some fantastic wormhole opportunities if that is your vibe. If you enjoy any aspect of the game, you will find your happy place at The Ant Hill.

Check out our recruitment video! → HERE
Also have a look at a fleet video! Dank "Ark"onor Frag! - YouTube

We are looking for any and all players that want to have fun doing whatever it is they want to do!
We are accepting individuals and corporations to join us for some fun!

We will offer you!

  • Buyback programs for all of your industrial/trading needs at 95% Jita Split value.
  • Free hauling services available to all members of the Alliance.
  • Frequent PvP roams to all sorts of locations.
  • Less META level gameplay (kitchen sink and REEEEEE fun roams is our style.)
  • Maximum Orca, and Rorqual boosts for our mining operations.

We also have some dank booty recruitment bonuses!

  • 50 Million ISK paid to recruiter per successful recruitee
  • x1 Large Skill Injector given directly to the top recruiter each month
  • 1 Billion ISK paid directly if you recruit 50 active members
  • 5 Billion ISK paid directly if you recruit 100 active members

If you want to know more or if you have any questions join our in-game chat channel “Colony Recruitment” or come say hello in our discord! → COLONY DISCORD
Or go ahead and send an evemail to me at “Shinyo Kasataste”

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