COLONY Looking for PvP and Industrial pilots!


We are a quickly growing alliance that participates in all aspects of EVE. We have a strong Industrial crew to support our PvP interests. Coming soon we will have some fantastic wormhole daytripping opportunities on our leafcutter ant fleets. If you enjoy any aspect of the game, you will find your place in COLONY.

Check out our recruitment video!

Also have a look at a fleet video! Dank "Ark"onor Frag! - YouTube

Accepting individuals and corps into the ant colony.

We will offer you!

  • Frequent PvP fleets
  • Free ships for PvP
  • Fleet Commanders get paid
  • Frequent Mining fleets
  • Maximum level fleet bosting
  • Mining directors get paid
  • Moon mining opportunities
  • High volume ice availability
  • 95% Jita buyback program
  • Free freight services for all
  • We also pay our recruiters

If you want to know more or if you have any questions join our in-game chat channel “Colony Recruitment” or come say hello on our discord!


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