🧊 [EU/US TZ] EndlessRain - friendly industrial corp with a bite

Hope to see even more people joining the Team. Here you can find pretty much everything you can ask for; Highsec, lowsec, sov nullsec, a perfect industry park, pve, pvp, access to one of the biggest trade hubs in nullsec!

Even if you have played for years, or is a freshman trying to wrap your head around this complex game, dont hessitate to drop by on the discord if you have questions!


Laid back indy life, or in the thick of the fighting… We have either option readily available! Still recruiting!

Don’t listen to me, listen to the guys above :slight_smile:

One norwegian and one finnish in the last couple of days :slight_smile: We have ppl from both EU and US, so please stop by our discord and say hi wherever you are from :slight_smile:

Cracy week at work is over and the weekend is here \o/ Ready for a few good men (and women) again!

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Need some more fresh blood ! Be you a miner or wanting to get involved in some pvp… we have space for like-minded capsuleers!

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Message me in game, im new and wanna get into mining and trading


Hi Rainarchy,
I am a recently returning player and I think we maybe a good fit for each other. I upgraded to Omega . It’s been years since I last played Eve and it appears I have a decent amount of catching up to do.
I look forward to your reply.
Kind regards Alpha Naturi.

i joined this corps like a week ago. they are part of an nice alliance. i had a steep learning curve, but that was probably because i never where in an such planned/organized aliance before (or atleast i didint where involved in these things)
they got the things i needed to start out in nullsec. like an explorer or an mining ship when there was a moon mining ping again for example. over all they where pretty welcoming and nice. even having the patience for a difficult person like me. just follow the rules and youre fine, you dont get forced to do anything.
overall the null area is pretty quiet in terms of enemy activity (i never saw a red person in their nullsec space) and the travel path to it too. just dont do something dumb. if you search for action you can join their pvp corp that deos faction warfare for caldari.

a nice corp to be in. they make the best out of that what they have, their pretty chill and having a life will not interfere your fun in this corp. will be fun to see the aliance grow. sorry for my bad english lol


Hi there :blush: I’m not so much ingame this weekend, so if you could join our Discord we could have a chat there :blush: If I’m not available someone can usually answer your questions until I’m back. Birthday weekend :blush:


Our corp and alliance have been heavily involved in faction warfare and helped claim some important victories for the CalMil. We have plenty of new recruits, all jumping in to either industry or pvp roles or both!

Plenty more room, we can cater to many needs, come and contribute to a relaxed but very focused group!

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When this corp was started, one thing was a clear: Community first and and a clear goal and direction. We have now taken a huge step as we have announced our intention to become the biggest fuel producer in the area we operate in. A lot of corp members have joined already, and we have started to mine, doing PI and to produce those blocks :slight_smile: Want to join?

Oi oi! More people joining, almost daily operations happeninf! Step in, see if its a good fit for you!
PvP - Production - Mining
A very active growing alliance!

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Room for more :slight_smile:

A little slower pace in the recruitment, making sure people are bedding in. Now we are ready for full speed again :slight_smile:

New service for our members launched yesterday: Over 300 BPO’s available for every member to copy and build from :slight_smile:

This corp has become so much more than I had hoped for and now you can be a part of it too :slight_smile:

bumb :slight_smile: