[EU/US TZ PvP] Duty. is recruiting

Duty. is looking to expand our player base and continue to cultivate a strong PVP focussed community to help our pursuit of good fights. We are a PvP focussed organisation operating in Nullsec, Lowsec and in wormhole space that understands that real life comes first.

We are looking for people who will fit in with our community, as a relaxed real life comes first corp., we understand that people do not want to log in to drama and just want to build friendships and have interesting fights. Our leadership is long running, mature, experienced and comes from a variety of backgrounds; together we have kept the corp. running for well over a decade and continue to do so until the servers go down. We aim to cultivate robust PVP literacy in our pilots using both ships of their own and those from our doctrine lists, both independently and in fleets.

Our Alliance

Duty is a member of Se7en-Sins Alliance and operates out of Deklein. We have frequent fleets both within alliance and with our operational partners locally, and frequently roam, do blops and participate in asymmetric fights.

We Offer

  • A Mature experienced and understanding leadership team.
  • A supportive environment to develop your skills as a PVP pilot.
  • Small to large scale fights in a variety of formats.
  • Experienced FC’s and combat pilots willing to help nurture developing pilots, and fly with pilots of any skill level.
  • Frequent fleet fights.
  • A great logistics service.
  • Opportunities to generate ISK between fights.
  • A real Life comes first, drama free environment.

Our Expectations

  • We expect people with a minimum of 45 Million Skill Points. We understand however that people may have a history of PVP with a degree of PVP literacy without meeting this requirement and are always willing to make expectations for people willing to grow and develop their PVP skills with fewer skill points.
  • We also expect a willingness and ability to fly alliance doctrine ships ,and train towards them if they are not immediately flyable.
  • Observe Wheatons law and dont be a Di*K
  • Players must be an English speaker willing to use voice comms, we will not give you grief if you do not speak it on a native level.
  • We also expect all applicants to submit to security and background checks, and answer recruiters’ questions about their experience and relationships in Eve.

Please peruse our Killboard for a better idea of what we get up to.

If you are interested and want to know more please contact Toushi Kimura in game or try to flag someone down on our discord in Recruitment.


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We are still recruiting!

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Still recruiting


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We are still recruiting

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