[EUTZ] Infinite Violence

Infinite Violence is a PvP corporation recently created by veteran EvE members. Aiming to establish a new nullsec PvP focused entity to shake up the way we play the game and make it fun again.

The core focus of the group is small to medium-sized fleet combat focusing largely on sub cap doctrines. With a core group of experienced players to lead the way, the corporation will be shaped over the coming months.

Currently, we have taken sov in Tribute and explore the local area for everything from small gang fights to fleet fights.

So what do you need to get involved?
Be active in the EUTZ. (but we respect RL comes first.)

What can we offer you?
Daily PvP. (black ops, small gang, fleet fights capital warfair)
Mumble + Discord.
Nullsec Sov Holdings, just the right amount for our size.
No Corp Tax.
hopefully place to call home!
A relaxed environment.
A Mature corp. (25 to 55)

Who to contact?
Join the in game channel “I Want PvP” or our discord: https://discord.gg/C7mpzJG


Your new home awaits

Come join us and make eve fun again

We are still looking for new members to make eve fun again.

We are getting daily fights in nullsec and are seeking to grow further more!

still growing.

We are still looking for new and old members to join in on the fun.


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The most fun I’ve had a very long time, and things are only accelerating!

Great corp, join this to be deployed to the ass end of the galaxy and then be left in the cold :100: :two_hearts:


Come PvP with us.

We continue to grow as both a corp and alliance. A new side of the game waits you. join us in building a new future.

Fragz Await!




We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

We are recruiting.


WE are still recruting EUTZ players with a focus on UKTZ :slight_smile: