[EUTZ] Infinite Violence

Infinite Violence is a PvP corporation of pirates and outlaws. We are aiming to establish a new lowsec PvP focused corp.

The core focus of the group is small to medium-sized fleet combat focusing largely on sub cap doctrines with capital support. We live in Minmatar lowsec and explore the local area for fights. We are gearing up to participate in the revamped faction warfare.

So what do you need to get involved?

Be active in the EUTZ. (but we respect that RL comes first.)
Enough liquid isk for alliance fleet doctrines. (There are plenty of ISK making opportunities)

What can we offer you?

Daily PvP. (black ops, small gang, fleet fights, capital warfare)
No Corp Tax.
Low Sec Mining.
Level 5 missions.
Faction Warfare LP Farming.
Pochven Farming.
Hopefully a place you will call home!
A relaxed environment.
A Mature corp. (25 to 55)

Join the in game channel “I Want PvP” or our discord: Corp Discord

Making more come backs then elo knight

still Making more come backs then elo knight

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frags daily here, join naow plox

Still recruiting EUTZ FW\Lowsec PvP Mans

deffo recruiting mans as we are seeing fights daily to part take in at the small to medium size.

come join the feeds.

come and be elite PVP

Frags happened, dreads where dropped. people died, where’s your application?

lowsec for fragss

lowsec awaits you!

Lowsec is the best sec, fights daily!

come fly, frag and feed with us!

become a free man, live in lowsec, dont be a null slave.

bump :):slight_smile:

saturday night bump

Sunday Funday!