[EUTZ] MERCO MINERS - Null Sec Mining & Industry

Do you like to mine?
Do you like to build stuff?
Are you a PI enjoyer?!


We’re a new Null Sec corporation that is part of the Short Bus Syndicate alliance. We got sovereign space and infrastructure too boot!

The primary focus of the corporation is to mine all the resources that nullsec has to offer and turn that stuff in produce! There are many ways to contribute to an alliance that don’t involve shooting ammunition at other players; and we’re here to facilitate those styles of play.

Naturally; you may have to take part in PVP from time to time because we are in nullsec, but don’t be afraid to join, practice your aim on rocks and profit!

On Offer;

  • Nullsec Mining Belts & Anomalies
  • Moon Mining
  • Nullsec planets for PI
  • Reactions infrastructure
  • Manufacturing infrastructure
  • Various buy back programs - ore, PI, salvage
  • A chance to experience the upcoming Equinox changes right in the thick of it!


  • Omega Status
  • Signed up on Alliance Auth
  • Microphone and willingness to be on comms
  • Make sure that you life comes before EVE

Still on the look out for miners and industrial focused pilots. Lots to build and do!