[EUTZ] NETSO, New Eden's most awesome corporation - now recruiting!

New Eden’s most awesome corporation - is now recruiting :slight_smile:

Are you a new player or a returning veteran? Do you wish to fly with the most awesome pilots New Eden has seen? Join Noobs for Ethical treatment today, and you’ll find joy like no other!

We’re a PVP minded, social & fun Corporation consisting of our crazy group of New Eden misfits - a fun group of casual PVPers that enjoy small gang PVP, looking to leave their mark in this universe!

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for social & PVP minded pilots to join our fun & crazy group of New Eden misfits.

While we are mainly looking for already established pilots capable of sustaining themselves, we are open to recruiting newer pilots that has already gotten their bearings around the most basic aspects of the game, so that helping you learn the rest will be easier for you. :slight_smile:


  • 16+ of age (18+ preferred).
  • Have a working (non-shitty) microphone.
  • Decent English skills.
  • You need to be Omega.

While we have no set skillpoint requirements, we do expect the Magic 14 trained to level 5 & that you follow our general advice for skill training if you are a lower skillpoint pilot. :slight_smile:

What can we offer?

  • We can offer a friendly, supportive & interactive Corporation environment that is drama free and with the most awesome corpies New Eden has ever seen.

  • We run inclusive Corporation activities such as occational mining fleets with boosts, group abyssal runs, occational incursion runs and Corporation fleets.

  • We can also provide you with plenty of resources such as starter ships, buyback services & transportation services, and can help you get a proper setup for earning money.

  • We also have experienced veterans of the game that can offer their wast knowledge & guidance to help you further improve.

What do we expect?

  • That you follow our short list of rules to ensure smooth running of the corp & a drama free environment.

  • That you are social & participate in corporation activities.

  • That you become & remain self-sufficient, and that if you are having trouble with this - reach out.

Wanna learn more? Just follow the vodka - https://netso.vodka/join!


Great corp.

Not with these guys but fly with these guys as part of my alliance.

Join today!


Recruitment is open. :smiley:

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