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Noobs for Ethnical Treatment of Scrubs

Hello fellow noobs of New Eden! Noobs for Ethnical Treatment of Scrubs is recruiting fun & social pilots to our corperation for a fun and relaxed playing experience.

Our corperation is a small but well connected pilots who values fun above all else. We are mainly a Industry/PVP corperation, but we do most stuff in EVE and all our members branch out to diffrent things that they like doing. We have several corperation programs ment to support and invest in you as a member and not just a number, from PI/Skillbooks to captial ship investments, so you can grow and enjoy the game the way you want to.


We live and operate out of nullsec, and are a part of the Proviblock Coalition with our own homestation where we are very active. We do regular fleets, both PVP & Mining fleets, aswell as our members often go ratting together. With friendly relations with all the other residents, you will find our corperation well known and well liked.

Corperation Programs

We value our pilots, and see the benefits of the programs of the bigger corperations. Therefor we have used alot of time and resources making such programs for ourselves, that would fit perfectly to our corperation, to be better than what can be found in other corperations and that actually invest in you as a player.

We currently have programs for refining of ore to give you the maximum yield you can get out of what you have mined, we have a buyback program for your loot, ore and PI, aswell as a fully working SRP program that also SRP mining/ratting and exploration losses aslong as the correct guidelines are followed. We even have a program put in place to sponsor your carrier ratting.

Player versus Player

As stated, we are primarly a industry corperation. But this does not mean we dont pvp, on the contrary, we love watching the beautiful lights of a ship blowing up, and making them aswell. Our hangars are filled with fully fitted and combat ready ships, and we regularly stockpile them so we can have fun and defend our systems.

We also run a program for our entire coaltions ment to get new and shy people into PVP which has had great success. Fleets run through this program are fun, and have opned many eyes to the pleasures of PVP in a 100% risk free way.


We also keep safehouses in Highsec for members that need alittle relaxation time. Nullsec is alot of fun, but can be stressful for some members, and this we fully understand this. Therefor we have invested alot of mony and time setting up these safehouses just for a situation like this. Go on a small vacation and cool of if needed! :smiley:


As stated, our corperation is small, and more like a clan. We value fun and social play and we branch out to other games aswell. Microphone is not a a requirement, but being social and managing to join comms to listen is.

We are noobs. We dont judge you and will laugh with you. We fully support each other and we hope that everyone has fun playing the game. :smile:


If you are looking for a corperation that actually cares for their members, and wish to have fun and experience the game with a fun and social group, get in contact with us throught our public channel “NETS Public” and we’ll have a chat, we’ll be looking forward to it.

We, NETS, thank you for taking your time reading though our post, and we hope to see you in game soon! :slight_smile:

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