:one: Who are we?

We are a wormhole corp, we have a C4 for good isk making with C3 and C5 static, we are a few long time, mature players who wanted to do something fun in J Space! We are a real life comes first bunch of guys, but we are looking for active players to come join us and help build something great and fun!

:two: What do we want from you?

To have a little knowledge of the game, less experienced players are welcome but as we live in a C4 wormhole so you do need some understanding about WH mechanics and WH mappers. You need to be able to at least fly a Gila or similar, to start to make isk solo in a C3 (without struggling). Be willing to train into some basic doctrines if you can’t fly those already. We don’t shy away from a fight so some PVP skills would be an advantage. Discord for comms and out of game discussions. Be able to support yourself in terms of isk and content.
Minimum of 10 Mil SP
Be Omega!

:three: What TZ do we run on?

Our main time zone is EUTZ currently, and we would like to grow this first to have more people online together. We’re not looking to expand on the other TZ’s atm.

:four: What do we do?

PVP, PVE, Gas huffing, data/relic sites and mining all in the hole and we have the structures for manufacturing and reaction. We are just starting out so its a good chance to be a real part of something instead of just another cog in the machine.
Figuring out how to have fun is more important than min/maxing efficiency or having a green KB, flying together is more fun than solo (this could be as simple as just hanging out on coms and chatting while doing your own thing). We want to play together and have fun!

:five: Sounds interesting, where can we chat more?
Head on over to our discord Phoenix Connection and follow the steps in our welcome channel or just say hi in local!
Fly dangerous and hope to hear from some of you soon! o7

In short:

  • We’re a EUTZ Corp.
  • We do PVP, PVE and have pretty good setup for INDY.
  • We want min of 10+mil SP
  • Some WH experience.
  • Willingness to learn and skill into what you might need.
  • We focus on having fun as a group!
  • We want to build a nice corp of chill people that like to hangout with each other.

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What’s the Public Channel?

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Discord link is in the main post.




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Recruiting EUTZ players!

Recruiting EUTZ players!

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