Phoenix Group. - C4 Wormhole Corp is Recruiting!

Phoenix Group. is a corp that performs most of it’s operations within Wormhole Space and is looking for more eager and ambitious members to join us. We currently live in a C4 with C3/C5 statics. In Phoenix Group., we put fun before anything else. EVE is a game, and if you’re not enjoying it then whats the point?

Here at Phoenix, we offer a variety of different services and events.

  • Alliance Buyback Program
  • C5 Site Running
  • Small-Gang PvP
  • Weekly Null-Sec Roams
  • Group/Solo C3 Site Running
  • Training in “How to Live in Wormholes”
  • Joint Operations
  • Lively Voice Comms

We mainly play in US Timezone, however we wish to expand into EU and AU Timezones too. Phoenix Group. is the executor Corp of SUGAR. Alliance.

Apply to join by filling out your application here:

Our in-game Public Channel: Phoenix-Pub

For more information, please mail “Gbuz” in game or join our pub channel!

We have alliance T-Shirts and Mugs, join us please

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment is going well! We are still recruiting more players.

Just finished an eviction and recruited a new corp to our alliance! Phoenix recruitment is still open.

We are still recruiting!

Phoenix are still looking to expand our EU and US Timezone membership

We are still recruiting

Recruitment is still open. Join our discord or Pub channel: Phoenix-pub

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

We still going hot and hard on recruitment baby baby

Hi we sell alliance t-shirts and mugs now, join us now or else :gun:

Recruitment is back on the menu after a small hiatus, come join us for those phat gas clouds and fun pvp. Looking for experienced members as well as new players, yes, we can teach you our bad habits.

So Drop into our discord to chat. Eager operators are there to assist you now.

Still recruiting. Check us out.

To the top.

Happy Sunday Fun Day.

Fun weekend. Come check us out.

People to help us collect all the isk laying around.

We are still recruiting!

Do you like to see spaceships explode? Then come fly with us. It being your ship exploding high possibility.