C2 HS/C3 corp recruiting

Not interested in being a nameless face in a mega-corporation? Then Phoenix Group may be the home for you.

Phoenix Group is an active corporation comprised of seasoned vets, returning, and newer players. Based in a C2 Wormhole, our members engage in a variety of content including mining and industry, PVE, exploration, and small-gang PVP.

Phoenix group offers the following services to its members:

  • Access to a Large BPO collection and Free BPCs.

  • Loot and Ore buyback programs.

  • Regular mining and combat events.

  • Non-toxic social atmosphere.

  • Fitting and Skill Plan advice.

  • No Glass Ceiling. Become a leader!

We recommend 20M skillpoints and Omega.

Be your best Capsuleer–join our recruiting chat for more information: Phoenix-Pub.

Still recruiting. New member joined last night. Come join us.


3 new members over the weekend. Keep em coming

Bump… 5 New heartbeats this weekend.

Also – we’ve moved to a C4 with C3/C4 static.

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