Phoenix Group. Come grow with us

Former active 0.0 Corporation looking to rebuild, and return to Null Security.

The Corp is Industry Heavy, but doesn’t shy away from PVP, because you have to fight to keep what you have in this universe.

The corp is currently based in Highsec, while we rebuild and look for a home that fits.

We want social people who want to play the game together. That is the key to the longevity of EVE.


Skill books and ships for Alpha’s to help get you started.
Training and fitting advice
Mission assistance
Access to a Large BPO collection
Free BPC’s
A long term home and friendship if you want.

Public Channel - Phoenix-Pub

Hey discord link broken I’ll catch up later ingame

Fixed. Oops.

Pretty decent weekend 3 new heartbeats in the corp… Still looking. Hit us up in discord.

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