Rebuilding from the ground up, come grow with us

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the stars, to explore the unknown, and to claim your destiny in the universe of New Eden? Phoenix Group is calling upon pilots from all walks of life to join our ranks as we rebuild and reignite our vision for a prosperous future.

Who Are We?
Phoenix Group is a versatile and ambitious corporation, committed to excellence in every facet of New Eden. Whether you’re a battle-hardened veteran, a budding industrialist, an explorer yearning for uncharted territories, or simply a pilot seeking a friendly and active community, we have a place for you. Our core activities include:

PVE: Engage in profitable missions and activities to expand our wealth and influence.
PVP: Join the fray and participate in thrilling battles and campaigns.
Industry: Build and mine to produce valuable assets that sustain our corporation’s growth.

What We Offer:

Unity and Comradery: You’re not just joining a corporation; you’re joining a family. We support and respect each other, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.
Newbie-Friendly: New to New Eden? No problem! We provide guidance and training to help you find your path.
Versatility: Explore multiple playstyles within a single corporation, ensuring you can enjoy the game on your terms.
Corp Resources: Access to resources, blueprints, and infrastructure to boost your industry endeavors.
Regular Events: Engage in corporation-wide operations, missions, and excursions, and make your mark in New Eden’s history.
Discord Activity: Being social on Discord is a must; join our active community, participate in discussions, and coordinate your adventures with fellow pilots.
Join Us Today!
Phoenix Group welcomes players of all backgrounds, skill levels, and interests. Our experienced leadership is dedicated to your success and our corporation’s prosperity.

If you’re ready to become a part of our exciting journey and contribute to the rise of Phoenix Group, reach out to us today!

Contact Information:

CEO: Aribus
Recruitment Channel: Phoenix-Pub
Discord: Phoenix Group

We are interested in you, not your character, be social have fun with us.

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