WH/HS c2 + c4/HS Statics Corp LF members

Hello there! Orbital tactics is looking for active players new, old and returning to join our Corp.
What we have to offer:

  • New bro friendly highsec mining division with Corp citidel located in VERY prosperous High security system for new players to earn some great isk early on.

  • c2 WH with a static c4 and high sec exit which is great for when/if you want to make the transition into pvp, site running, Wh mining, and wormhole exploration with pilots that are willing to teach and train you to make plenty of isk to fund any endeavor you might take on.

Great PI and isk making opportunities!!

  • Corp Ship Replacement Program SRP) for Corp pvp roams that put you on a path to matching our Corp doctrine for larger pvp content.

Who are we though?

We’re just some guys hanging out making isk and building ships! We’re not affiliated with any major alliance and are not able to be war decked as we put all of our structures up using a dummy Corp to keep our members safe(ISH) while they learn different paths in the game. We have everything from total new bro’s to salty vets that have been playing since eve online’s early days that can help guide you to skilling, ship fits, tactics and can answer just about any question you may have as you make your way through space!

What do we require?

  • 18 yr old +
  • Active use of discord when in fleet or running content with other corpmates
  • patience
  • the drive to progress and grow as a corporation

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to check it out please come chat with us in discord to find out more or ask any questions you may have.

bump we’re still out here looking for some new corpies!! Come join!

bum bump bump it up!

still hoping to find some more members! Come join us in discord !

Hop in to our discord and see if our corp is right for you

Hello @Quincy_ThreeFingers. Please do not bump your thread more than once per day as per the rules here: Welcome to the Recruitment Center




EVICTION!!! Some unscrupulous scoundrels have moved into our wormhole! Shield timer is down waiting to destroy their base to drop our astrahus! Come join in on the fun today!

Bump. Lots of pvp incoming.

daily bump! still recruiting!

@Quincy_ThreeFingers hit me up in game i joined discord but no one was home :frowning:

Operation successful and we are moved in! Looking for members of all TZs

Still recruiting! Looking for more PVP pilots with precursor skills! Join -O-T- Public in game!

still looking for more pilots

are you still recruiting.

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