Orbital Tactics -O-T- WH C2-HS/C4 Recruiting

Welcome to Orbital Tactics

We are primarily focused on FUN! We do it all in Eve! Orbital tactics is a mix of new, and experienced pilots living in WH space. We are looking for skilled pilots, but are happy to take on a limited number of new players! PVE/Industry/Mining/Exploration. We also PVP! If it will make us money, we are out to do it. Right now we are live in C2 Worm Hole Space! We have access to Static HS and Static C4.

AUS/EU/US Time Zones

Good place for Semi-New Players and Old Bitter Salty Vets that are interested in:

:biohazard: 6,000,000 Skill Points Minimum
:biohazard: Mining- Gas and Rocks
:biohazard: Industry
:biohazard: Planetary Interaction
:biohazard: PvP Solo and Small Gang (optional)
:biohazard: Bitter vet and new player friendly
:biohazard: Passive income streams available
:biohazard: Group PvE in C4’s
:biohazard: Players active daily in Comms
:biohazard: Discord for voice comms and pings!
:biohazard: Helpful Vets and Players to assist if needed
:biohazard: Path Finder (For mapping Worm Holes and Tracking)

Play Eve your way along side a group of individuals focused on getting the most out of the game. We recommend Comms. We use Discord and we always have a laugh and good times.

Laid back, Real Life First, Good Group of Players, Knowledgeable Players.

What we ask:

  • That you have a sense of humor
  • Positive Attitude
  • Laid Back
  • Willing to be adventurous and want to have fun

Got Questions??? Just Ask! -0-T- Public (in game) and here: https://discord.gg/Sr465y4XJQ

Thank You for taking the time to read this!



Bumpage… Cool group of guys just joined

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Bump and Thanks.

Bump, you guys are missing out.

Yeah had to bump again. Getting good recruits results.

Keeping it rolling!

G’day guys
Thinking of getting back into WH life again, yours sounds like just what I’m looking for.
My TZ is AUS.
I have 2 Chars 203 mill and 172 mill sp’s.
I have lived in a C2, C4, C5, and C3.
I am mainly an Indy PVE player.
I have max scanning skills which, as you know is a big part of WH life
I fly mostly Caldari and Gallente ships, Tengus, Rattlers, Megas, etc
Anyway I will leave it there and wait for your response

Good day

Jump into our public channel ingame or in discord and can help get setup and having some fun with us



Come on and check us out!

Yeah Eve is slow right now. It is summertime! Eve is still calling your name and your Welcome to fly with us.

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