Orbital Tactics -O-T- WH C6 Static C5 Recruiting

Welcome to Orbital Tactics

We are primarily focused on FUN! We do it all in Eve! Orbital Tactics is a mix of new, and experienced pilots living in WH space. We are looking for skilled pilots and New players with enough SP! PVP/PVE/Industry/Mining/Exploration.
We live in C6 Wormhole Space!
Which gives ur guaranteed access to C5 content and a endless chain to Explore and find Content.

0T is Member of the Alliance Sugar. Sugar. | Alliance | zKillboard
We primarily operate in AUS/EU/US Time Zones

Good place for Semi-New Players and Old Bitter Salty Vets that are interested in:
Daily PvP content (Ranging from solo/small gang to large scale fleet ops)
Mining- Gas and Rocks
Group PvE in C5 space and C6 krabbing
Players active daily in TS
An active community
Helpful Vets and Players to assist if needed
Pathfinder (For mapping Wormholes and Tracking)

Passive income streams available including:
Planetary Interaction

Play Eve your way alongside a group of individuals focused on getting the most out of the gameā€¦ We use Discord/Teamspeak and we are always ready to have fun!
TeamSpeak is mandatory for communication.
Laid back, Real Life First, Good Group of Players, with Knowledgeable members.

Our Requirements:
:white_circle: 15,000,000 Skill Points Minimum (All SP guidelines are dependant on specific skills trained)
:white_circle: If online and in j-space you must be on comms with a mic
:white_circle: That you have a sense of humor
:white_circle: Positive Attitude
:white_circle: Laid Back
:white_circle: Willing to be adventurous and want to have fun
:white_circle: Willing to defend our home and to train into our doctrine
:white_circle: Omega

If you do not meet these requirements our alliance has a newbro corp with vacancies.

Got Questions??? Just Ask! -0-T- Public (in game) and here:


Thank You for taking the time to read this!

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