Frontier Exploitation Combine (C4 WH, USTZ)

Good Evening (or morning) All!

We’re a small C4 WH group that have been playing a variety of games for the better part of 5+ years.

This is an invitation for people who would like to experience wormhole space but have no experience within it and for people who are looking for a family of players who want to relax and have a good time.

Fluent English, NA TZ, and willing to listen to constructive criticism to help make wormhole life smooth & easy.

A good rule of thumb for wormhole play is to have a utility alt that can use a T2 Scanner/Harvest Gas/Mine Ores. We also encourage new members to have caldari cruisers to 5. This is a good starting point. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t be afraid to message me or anyone in the group with questions. We’re happy to help. :v:

Our discord:
Discord name: Freik#3944

Recent Kills:


Bumping for the Day. Evening :partying_face:

Bumping, Playing Squadrons Today but available on discord! :rocket: :partying_face:


bumping for daily. Halloween time woo! :v:

Hit me up if you’re interested in a C4 pvp group.

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