Phoenix Federation of Planets - Wormhole Exploration

Looking for a laid-back hybrid wormhole/hisec corporation? Then the Phoenix Federation of Planets is the corp for you! Founded by veteran pilots, we aim to teach new players how to live, fight, survive, and thrive in EVE. Veterans looking for a friendly corp to call home to come and go without the rigors of null-sec ops will feel welcome here!

What PHX offers:
• Wormhole Daytrips for both PVE and PVP opportunities
• Hisec mining and other PVE ops
• Easy access to low-sec
• Weekly Flight training for players
• Teamspeak + Website

If you’re interested in joining a small-time, friendly corp, join us. Join the Phoenix Federation of Planets! Send an eve-mail to Kato Szafarchek or submit an application to the corp. Please remember to provide a full API key to the corporation for review. Please allow 24-48 hours for a recruiter to respond.

Phoenix Federation of Planets is part of a multi-gaming organization that has established operations in games including Planetside 2 and Elder Scrolls Online.

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