Phoenix Battalion Shipyards - Wormhole Industry and Security

Needing a little more adventure in EVE? Wanting a little more isk? Join a wormhole corp. Join Phoenix Battalion!

Phoenix Battalion Shipyards is a wormhole industry corporation operating in both hisec and wormhole space. Our corporation works out of a C2 system, perfect for those new to J-space and for those vets still wanting to play casual.

What we offer:

  • Casual Corporation - No mandatory ops here.
  • A controlled wormhole system - We all know J-space is inevitably deadly. We just try to make it as comfy as possible.
  • PVE Possibilities including but not limited to…
    ** Industry and research-ready citadels.
    ** Mining Opportunities such as Nullsec Ore, Wormhole gas, or Hisec mining (if you so desire).
    **Planetary colony opportunities.
    **Access to sleeper combat sites.
    **Exploration opportunities.
  • PVP possibilities: For the industrialist wanting to taste a little blood or wanting to know how to defend themselves, we have pvp-experienced pilots and allies who can help you learn how to fit and fight.

If you’re interested in expanding your scope and entering the crazy wormhole world we call home, send and application to Phoenix Battalion Shipyards today! Be sure to include a complete API with your application and allow a day or two for a recruiter to review it.

If you have questions, contact Kato Szafarchez, Techno Phoenix, or Atom Lightning. You can also join the chat SUB Communications ingame and ask for a PHX Recruiter.

Always recruiting.

We’re still looking for new capsuleers!

Im new to eve how do I send a API ?