Phoenix Group. - C4 Wormhole Corp is Recruiting!

Still Recruiting, Online now.

Still recruiting

Finally the Exam season is finished! Celebrate the start of Summer by joining the best god damn wormhole alliance in EVE*

*Opinion based comment

Recruitment Still Open

We’re still going strong ladies and gents!

We are still recruiting.

We have now opened up our 2nd alliance for a more casual play style. Sugar. Affiliates!

We are still recruiting!

We’re still open for recruitment… What are you waiting for?

Recruitment is still open. Chad Wormhole Corp. We swear

Still Recruiting.

We are still recruiting

Recruitment is still open. Also check our Sugar Affiliates

Recruitment is still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment is still open

Any minimum skillpoints for applying?

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We usually recommend about 15m SP, but we’re happy to take on anyone with lower SP if they’re willing to learn.

We have programmes set up for scouting during our site running that’ll help you pay for Skill Injectors to get into our doctrine ships faster

We are still recruiting

Recruitment is still open! Be ■■■■ with better people! as they say

Recruitment still open