SUGAR. Affiliates - Looking For Corps To Join Our Growing Community

Sugar. Affiliates Recruitment is now Open!

Sugar. are looking for new up and coming or currently existing Corps to join our Affiliate alliance. With solid support structures, fly with the main SUGAR. Alliance on large scale ops, while still acting as your own independent Corp! Wanna move your corp into wormhole space? Our dedicated team will help you find a new home to settle!

What we offer:

  • Foundations of a growing community
  • No Mandatory Ops
  • Independence
  • Opportunities for Large Scale Ops
  • Support Planning + Wormhole Defense Help

Experienced players always available for any of your wormhole concerns/questions. Extensive fittings list, wormhole mapping, protection and site running guides.

I mean hey, we’re not the most amazing wormhole alliance out there (yet KEKW), but we’re pretty chill, extremely dedicated, and have the finest rum in all the land.

For any questions, contact Gbuz in game or on Discord at Gbuz#3311