EvE Card Game Questions

(Nefertiri Ra'apharo) #1

Hey I found a decent deal for the EvE card game, only thing is I’ve not got a lot of experience in these types of games - played once Star Something with my nephew and it was fun, which is why I was looking for card deck games and saw that EvE has one.
Anyways— I see the “Great War” box and the “Day of Darkness” box, each has two of the four races in it.
So Questions: Do I need to use both boxes (all four races) to play the game correctly? Are there other sets of cards required to get the game on? How many people can play at each game? How long does the average game take? What do the “Booster Card” packs do?

(Fedor Arnoux) #2

“Booster Card” packs will will contain some rarer or rare cards and they are used to supplement your standard base deck.

As far as I know each starter deck is a single particular race so you want to play against someone of different deck and you play 1 vs 1.

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