Eve Defence Force | Darkness |

We now have Guinness on tap, and assorted nuts in stock.
Drop by the bar to taste our wares…

Someone might even give us a wee tune.

hey didle didle, the cat did a piddle, the dog fell over the moon… :crazy_face:

Ok so someone told the funniest joke EVER in the bar last night!
I mean, it was just SOOOOOOO funny. Nuts, tables, chairs, they all went everywhere. Drink was spilled!

You should pop by The EDF bar and say hi, so you can hear these jokes and join in the fun :slight_smile:

We have roams every night in each time zone. If you like small stuff, get in touch.

The bar is open and unlike the bar in from Dusk til Dawn, the dancers dont want to kill you! Hows that for a bonus!

If you like roaming, we’ve got roaming every day, and if you own a Dread and are sick of it being an expensive paper weight, we got use for you right now. Give us a tinkle.

mmmmm I love the smell of Quafe in the morning

Oh and by the way , NC don’t surf!

See you at the bar :slight_smile:

There will be a wake in The EDF bar just before DT on Monday, to mark the sad passing of the Blackout.

bring hankies, we’ll provide the comforting booze

Ok so the Blackout has ended and all our active members have a nice new medal to commemorate the experience.

I bet your super gutted you don’t have one of our medals! …Right! … I know!

So… help us, help you…drop by “The EDF bar” in-game or our public Discord, https://discord.gg/KYPR2B :partying_face:

Join EDF today so you don’t miss out on one of our stupendous medals tomorrow! :crazy_face:

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Looking for a Legacy Corporation? Looking for a corp thats stable and a tight knit group of guys? EDF would be a good fit for you! Contact a recruiter for more info or to ask any questions you may have.

Reruns of Red Dwarf playing on the big plasma over the bar.

Drop by “The EDF bar” to join the chuckles. Rimmer still is a total smeghead! :rofl:

So last night in the bar we where laughing about our last roam. 66 jumps from north to south, in faction frigates and Vedmaks. Tackle a Rorqual, get it into hull, get dropped on by some supers, run away, dodge a Titan lance… to then get popped by drifters at a worm hole.

If this sounds like an adventure you want to be part of drop by the bar :slight_smile:

Always looking for Cap pilots. Don’t let them gather dust, come use them on a daily basis with us.