Eve Exodus: Gallente Pleasure Hub

Lilith and Eve were tired of streaming day in and day out while being cyber bullied at the same time.
The two goddesses put their heads together. Tramps, succubus, paid companions and worse; All the while the models were coming out of the Hubs needing repairs all the time. A disgrace! Didn’t they know Eve was online.
Lilith pulled out her contact list: A leather-bound papyrus notebook; And began leafing through it.
Eve pulled out her tablet and did the same.
The exodus had begun.
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.
Red and Black Swan.
Holli Wood from Cool World.
Kristina Pimenova.
Harley Quin and Barbie.
Sharon Stone.
Your mom.
Jessica Rabbit and Roger.
Wonder Woman.
Cat Woman.
Jessica Nigri.
Tera Patrick.
Alice from Wonderland.
Windy from Never Neverland.
Android 18.
Babs Bunny.
Punky Brewster.
The whole Seventh Heaven Cast.
The whole Full House Cast.
All Spartans report to Thor.

As I fear for the sanity of the pilot who created this thread, I have closed this thread for the safety of the Citizens of the IGS and the poster above.

Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
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