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I pay attention to the IGS every now and then between forum lurking and jita trolling and I’d like to say, I noticed a couple different roleplaying peeps like to put in extra stuff concerning their character. One thing i’d like to discuss are a few blokes who include voice samples. They’re links to vids that contain a fictional character they’d like their persona to be read as as they try to invision the discussions taking place.

So I decided to write down a bunch of frequent flyers on the rp circuit and put up a database. For the few people that do this it’s kinda redundant, but it’s fun for me, because i get to do the following…

In the list you’ll see a couple of lines saying “default” with their name being tagged in the list. that’s because instead of leaving them blank and hoping they actually post a link to clarify, I picked some out, and not in a “let’s just make all these links one vid” way.

(Since i expect to get feedback, know that this is subject to edits.)
(lol could only mention 10 peeps to a post…)


Diana Kim - Delenn
Makoto Priano - Miranda Priestly
Charles Cambridge Schmidt - Brendon Urie
Elmund Egivand - Gary/Gamma
Jorge Stanton - Roland
Trii Seo - P!nk
Halcyon Ember - Cate Blanchett/Hela
@Nauplius - DEFAULT Jerry Smith
@Anyanka_Funk - DEFAULT Asajj Ventress
Jason Galente - Thomas Shelby

lol got bored, i’ll take suggestions if any of the people not in character want to give suggestions.

to be clear if you got linked to keep your rp integrity all you need is just to post a link.


Just use a Text-To-Speech device for Elmund. Elmund is designed to be a private person when it comes to face-time and he is an aficionado of all things tech. He had an implant installed in his Broca’s Area and his pharynx to translate thoughts into speech. He still hasn’t figured out the configuration to differentiate between private thoughts (thinking to self) and speech thoughts so he may sometimes say something really inappropriate.

For his actual voice, it’s dry like a dustbowl. He uses his actual voice when speaking to people he is really close with. None of them are on the IGS.

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so like, daniel UK? Microsoft Sam? or something darth vader-ish?

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For voice actor, it’s difficult to say to be honest. However, I’ve roleplayed over a long period of time now and Miz has developed in many ways. She’s wealthy as hell, especially compared to baseliners and she’s got both a creative urge and a lot of time to spend mastering said urges, not to mention the money to spend on the best instructors and technology to do so.

… so she’s a vocalist in a band she funds, now. Since I’m assuming the skill a veteran capsuleer can acquire in anything they set their disciplined minds to is pretty damn high, and her augmentation/clone-design probably includes all kinds of nifty benefits, I’ve given her a bit of a range in that regard.

Examples of songs she could definitely be singing with only very minor tweaks to avoid real life references, and fitting better with New Eden:

Miz’s (backhanded) gratitude to the Empire is exemplified by In This Moment’s “Roots”. It makes great use of her vocal augment’s ability to layer voices, and projecting multiple holoprojections at once on stage.

Something she might play somewhere more private, like the Deck or a smaller audience like The Summit would include Lissie’s “Mother” cover, originally by Danzig. Of course, to her Mother/Father is Matar and Pator, as she laments having to distance herself from her people in order to protect them from the darkness capsuleers live in by default, and yet rejoices in it.

Of course, on stage with her band, Sarz’namarr, things get a bit uglier. Represented nicely by Arch Enemy - Never Forgive, Never Forget. A howling, growling, screaming hatred made manifest before an equally enraged and furious audience. Take the ridiculous over the top concerts of Dethklok in Metalocalypse, then imagine what an unfathomably wealthy capsuleer can set up in a universe with New Eden’s technology and vast varieties of locations and possibilities for just being ■■■■■■■ metal in every conceivable way, and you’ll get the drift. I’m talking orbital bombardment pyrotechnics, stages mounted on active volcanoes and inside combat carriers crumbling around the artist and audience as it is torn asunder in actual combat, etc etc.

… so do feel free to read any IGS post with any of the above voices in mind, but I suspect that might not quite come across as intended. I’ve always liked Eva Green’s many characters, but it’s difficult to nail down any specific character of hers and she’s got a lot of range.

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Definitely not Darth Vader-ish. His artificial voice is mostly monotone with an electronic drone.

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Um! Um. Honestly, I haven’t really thought on it.


Maybe Meryl Streep as Anna Wintour? Linky linky Eminently polite; methodical, knowledgeable, acerbic to those who are dismissive. :3

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Made the edit to Gamma/Gary from the non-eve Red Vs Blue.

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Now I’m gonna crack up just by reading my own posts. Thanks, man.

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This is probably my…interests speaking, but I’m starting to want Cate Blanchett as Hela >.>

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I have no idea. Lasa’s personality is based a lot on mine, so I’d probably voice her, aside from the singing aspect :slight_smile:

I’m tempted to say Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit, but it doesn’t really fit.

I’ve always figured Tein has a deeper voice, and after a good while of thinking about it, Tanita Tikaram’s voice might be the closest to my headcanon. You might be familiar with her from this little hit in the late 80’s.


I though about trying to voice Diana myself, but… my voice is a bit Im too squeaky, vacillating and timid. While Diana should have sort of commanding voice. I can imagine her yelling at people like WWII Imperial Officer. “YOU! GRAB YOUR SHIP!! UNDOCK!!” But that’s only for her subordinates and military action.

For more casual conversations like in IGS she should show firm, calm, disdainful and affirmative voice, meaning she isn’t interested in any compromises, and being damn confident in what she says.

I think the best representation of her manner of speak on IGS will be this:
When she tells people to back off
and this
When she brings a speech
Character: Delenn from Babylon 5 as played by magnificient Mira Furlan

Yup, you kinda got it with your choice as to Trii.

Back it up with the accent that is neither here, nor there and may just be swinging wildly in pronounciation of some words depending on what part of sentence they’ve been used in - resulting in quite the workout for any auto-translator - and you’re there.

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Charles is a manicured person. Everything about him is selectively made to his tailored wants and needs, both in personality, and voice, too. He’s a touch higher in tone than the average male (certainly not a handsome baritone or a masculine bass), closer to something lighter and playful. I wouldn’t say he was made to be personable, but it’s certainly the implications he gives out.

As wildly Federal green as the boy is, the words that come out of his mouth certainly don’t pass by a frog in his throat. His accent is mostly neutral; some may even call it statistically averaged. His laugh is as pleasant as his smile and if he was in a band, assuredly, a horde of teen girls would follow him where he went.

On that last note, I may or may not have a thing for Brendon Urie. He’s… similar to how Charles sounds and how some of his mannerisms are, but no actor or musician will ever be a 1:1.

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I have to say I kind of imagined her sounding like General Kala in the 80’s Flash Gordon film yelling things like ‘Dispatch WarRocket Ajax to bring back his body’.

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Someone Chinese I presume but I don’t know any good actress I can do the role.

Michelle Yeoh maybe (though she is Malaysian)

DK is the complete polar opposite of Delenn.

Much better.

But I think of DK more as Bellatrix Lestrange, with Heth as her Voldemort.

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Singing, I’d like to think Lasa sounds like Caro Emerald:

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Corra would be a blend of Roger Moore in full on Bond mode when he’s being more ummm…Gallente…and Chistopher Lee when he’s being more serious/mildly psychotic.