Your IGS Cast

After your last reply to the the serpent in one of the other threads, your voice sounds oddly like Matt Dillahunty’s to me. I’m sure Halcyon’s voice is much more feminine, but the way you worded your reply…uncanny.

I will try to unhear Matt’s voice now. :laughing:

Going to have to look into this when I get home

I’d use my own voice for Halcyon but I like to imagine her as sounding at least a little more sophisticated.

Honestly, I’ve always heard a very strong and confident voice in my head when reading DK’s posts.

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Well, I said strong and confident. I didn’t say always right. :blush:

I didn’t realize I linked to such an old episode of that show. Please don’t judge me.

So, if Halcy sounded like me, she’d sound like This (my mic is crap, shush).

This sounds much better.

Actually Bellatrix is complete opposite to Diana.
Unlike her, DK is composed and determinate. Bellatrix is a crazed psychopath. And DK is a professional. She will drill your soul with her eyes and will talk you down into submission, either yelling as a drill instructor, or with cold logic, keeping her voice steady and confident.

Imagine her glaring at you with disgust and anger in her eyes, but speaking steady with calm lowered voice, “You dared to insult Caldari Officer. Now you will pay for this.” - And you know, that this one… she will pull the trigger without second thought. And not because it’s her impulse, but because she knows she must do it, and she will do it.

And that’s not true, they have too much in common. Their personalities might be different, DK has way more of Klingon in her. I’d say her personality matches the most John Snow from GoT. Disrupted negotiations because she must tell only truth? Discarding opportunity because of her honor and pledge? That’s totally her.

And still the manner and voice Delenn spoke matches DK’s manner to speak probably better than everyone else.

Added in the link you provided for Cate blanchett/Hela, other sound bite provided seemed too short.

removing default title, you approved.

the video had provided a conflicting name, source material provided was for a character named “Miranda Priestly” so it was labeled as such.

Used link for “giving a speech”

added your link.

Ah, cheers! Apologies. Wintour is the real-world person Miranda Priestly was modeled after. :x

I can try and make a longer one, it will still sound awful.

That maybe how you perceive it, but that is not how it appears to observers. DK comes across as complete batshit insane.


Voice profiles do not have to be character matches, and my default selection for Naupilus can stand for that. i can draw plenty of character comparisons between Joeseph Goebbels and DK but you didn’t see me default to that.

it is rather funny though that even though this is DK the player speaking she still can’t catch a break from thread arguments.


for me non known just an ordinary female voice that turns bass when singing. could be the averange female for male replacement for gospel choirs.

I thought I was the only one who noticed. DK’s actor doesn’t get enough love from the audience.

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