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Hey everyone,

I really like the way EVE forum’s integrates nicely with the SSO (yes, I mean this forum)

Our corp uses Discourse as well for our forum engine, and we would like to integrate the same SSO login that automatically fetch the character’s profile picture and the name as well.

Is there any open source implementation for this one? Or will CCP ever release the Discourse’s plugin as an open source repository?

Thank you so much!

Celengan Babi

https://github.com/discourse/discourse-oauth2-basic may do some of what you want.

EVE’s SSO is fairly basic oauth2.

you’d set it up on https://developers.eveonline.com (that’s where you put in the callback url that’s mentioned at the top od the readme)

https://login.eveonline.com/oauth/authorize is the authorize url

https://login.eveonline.com/oauth/token is the token url

https://login.eveonline.com/oauth/verify is the user information url.(you don’t need the :token)

The return on the verify looks something like:

"CharacterID": 90926985,
"CharacterName": "Steve Ronuken",
"ExpiresOn": "2017-11-29T22:48:59",
"TokenType": "Character",
"CharacterOwnerHash": "fdgkfjgldkfgjldfkg",
"IntellectualProperty": "EVE"

so you could probably do:

oauth2_json_user_id_path: 'CharacterID'
oauth2_json_username_path: 'permalink'
oauth2_json_name_path: 'CharacterName

doesn’t do the picture though.’

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Thank you @Steve_Ronuken.

I successfully implemented the SSO login in our hosted Discourse instance using your guide.
The character profile picture isn’t imported and the user still needs to register for an account with a valid email address but I think it doesn’t really matter for now.

I guess this post can be locked now as the problem is now solved :smiley:

when it comes to email addresses, CCP are just cheating. They’re assigning one based on character id, which doesn’t actually work.

(as many accounts have the same email, and all characters have the same on the same account, this is the ‘best’ of the possible solutions)

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You’re right, thank you o7

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