These Forums and SSO - Good Changes?

I have no education or experience in software development, etc. CCP did give long advance notice. If I spent more time researching and working on it, I might be better able to enjoy these forums, and there might be solutions to all the good things like Evemon that seem now gone.

For me, the old forums were far from perfect, but I do not visit or read or enjoy these new forums nearly as much as the old ones. They just do not work nearly as well for me as the old ones. My understanding is the new forums came about to make CCP’s job easier. I see no benefit for the players though.

I also understand the SSO (Simple Sign On) is now here to make it easier for the players to keep up with passwords and signing in, to provide a large improvement in security, and to make CCP’s job easier.

It is easier to sign in, and although I personally had no previous issues, I do understand it has improved security and reduced scams, etc.

One prime reason for those good things is that there is not nearly as much useful stuff to sign into any more, and thus no need for security any more.

But it seems this game in particular is very heavily dependent on third party developers to supply the software, and all that goes with that like creativity, effort, maintenance, time and work. And now some of the important ones are gone.

Am I alone in preferring it back like it was?

Single Sign-On.

And judging by the fact that CCP was not able to provide a non-webbrowser reliant login interface for standalone applications like EVEMon, their job can’t be that much easier.

Good catch. Single Sign-On.

If anyone reading this knows of a replacement for Evemon, I am sure others would love to know as well. I looked but did not find one yet.

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