Eve funny footage: 4 millions isk heron gets 500 mil bpc

Hello everyone!
I’ve created this funny video footage to share the great abilities of the heron, a ship that can very well afford to blow up for ghost data sites :slight_smile:

I hope I made you laugh so much

07 Federico


What’s eve funnier is that it’s only worth 500M if you have the materials to make it!



Damn you are slow. I am usually able to hack all the cans before I get blown up. Cargo Scanner is just slowing you down.

EDIT: Also why are you hiding the area name in left top corner when the area name is easily seen on overview - J213411. And still using default overview heh…

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yeah, i’ve checked eve praisal and the blueprint can create the 450 millions + 30 millions packrat, so, somehow, the price is right xD

i hope the video was funny
cheers Fede

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yeah, you’re right, there was too much work to cover all the numbers :slight_smile: i hope you enjoyed the video. good flight 07

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Nice loot drop, and good job at successfully evading the Ghost NPC EWAR and can explosions.


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Blueprint is worth about 180-190. The implant it produces is worth 400something perhaps, but only after you combine the blueprint worth ~185 with another ~200m worth of materials that you have to either source or purchase.

Still a good drop, but the value of a bpc != the value of the product.


Or have sitting in station for yrs collecting dust.

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hey there,
yes i was really frightened to do this (crazy) experience with my low
exploration skills , so i’m happy to share this funny content with Eve community .

I’ve used propellerhead reason and ttsapp programs for creating the voices, than i’ve mastered 'em and imported in my magix video pro x8 video suite.

next time i will take a gnosis with full anti explosion fit - data analyzer t2 :slightly_smiling_face: 07

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