EVE G-O-A-T-S Now recruiting

Looking for a corp with nice people and no bullshi*t?


  • PvP + Pve players welcome - Friendly fire is illegal so you wont be corp f*cked in your blingboat
  • Based in Amarr/Caldari Space
  • Killboard - Yes we love kills but we are not killboard precious, enjoying the fight is far more important.
  • UK/EU based corp, US players welcome.


  • Alpha clones welcome
  • Mature - Not a complete arsehole is acceptable
  • Don’t take things too seriously - Yes you will lose ships! No its not the end of the world!
  • Must speak english!

Join channel “EG0AT Pub” for more info.

Hey man we used to fight you and Sinewave back in the day when I led Easily Excited. We have some nice space out in Vale. If you get some pilots and want a home, let me know.

those where the days, ill keep your offer in mind for the future but for now we just need to build up the corp again.

BUMP and a G-O-A-T-S related gif for good measure


Friendly Bump because Goat is cute

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It lacks a cute Goat gif!

flew with and against these guys, fun and friendly, you could do a lot worse :slight_smile:

@Jayka_Kyer You mean you padded my kb with your loss mails against our rookies :rofl:

still recruiting future greats

this doesnt show the full story either with your 2 naga and logi. we are a corp of 2 taking on an alliance of 300+ yet we can still do this to you.

Now can you leave the bitchy comments out of our recruitment post please it just makes you look stupid.

Also have another goat link https://pasteboard.co/IJgjNa4.gif

It looks like its a story to be told here.

Have a Testbro link

Thankyou for the free bump sato, enjoy your little low sec adventure while you can, your time is almost over, now ill ask again nicely please keep this out of my recruitment thread, if you want to smack then do it in game after we smash your logi/ecm heavy fleets with a 5 man gang, or maybe when you try to bait us with a navy raven only to have your support fleet turn up 5 minutes too late lmao.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/80410805/ <<the bait gone wrong.
honestly keep up the good work lads you are what makes eve fun again.

That’s not even a properly bait fit

Also more goat gifs.

come be a G-O-A-T

Bumpage with some GOATAGE enjoy

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Bump For The Greatest Of All TImers

come join the herd

Hi I put a message up for myself and friend looking for a Corp and one of the replies directed us to your Corporation. (Our post below). Xmas is a busy time so will put in th elink and ask you to reply in your own time if you think we will be a fit and how the Corp works.

Thanks and Merry Xmas