EVE G-O-A-T-S Now recruiting

Looking for a corp with nice people and no bullshi*t?


  • PvP + Pve players welcome - Friendly fire is illegal so you wont be corp f*cked in your blingboat
  • Based in Amarr/Caldari Space
  • Killboard - Yes we love kills but we are not killboard precious, enjoying the fight is far more important.
  • UK/EU based corp, US players welcome.


  • Alpha clones welcome
  • Mature - Not a complete arsehole is acceptable
  • Don’t take things too seriously - Yes you will lose ships! No its not the end of the world!
  • Must speak english!

Join channel “EG0AT Pub” for more info.

Hey man we used to fight you and Sinewave back in the day when I led Easily Excited. We have some nice space out in Vale. If you get some pilots and want a home, let me know.

those where the days, ill keep your offer in mind for the future but for now we just need to build up the corp again.

BUMP and a G-O-A-T-S related gif for good measure


Friendly Bump because Goat is cute

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It lacks a cute Goat gif!

flew with and against these guys, fun and friendly, you could do a lot worse :slight_smile:

@Jayka_Kyer You mean you padded my kb with your loss mails against our rookies :rofl: