Bored? Terrible player? EVE G-O-A-T-S - UK/EU PvP - Recruiting

Want to be a member of a premier corp taking New Eden by storm with their mediocre skills and terrible attitude?

Of course you do! So apply to be an EVE G-O-A-T today!

Based across High Sec, Low Sec and Wormhole space we are recruiting players interested in:

  • Small Gang PvP in Low/Null/WH space
  • Access to a wormhole
  • Learning pvp or other aspects of the game
  • Good fun
  • Drunken mistakes

Players of any experience or background are welcome.

EVE G-O-A-T-S are a founding member of Herd. a small, but growing alliance of similar, small, PvP focused corps. PVP experience is not important, but all players should have a willingness to get stuck in and accept that losing ships will happen as we are often fighting outnumbered. Our members are mostly experienced players that are not interested in killboards or politics and just want to have fun and explode spaceships.

PvP isnt our only activity however and all play styles are welcome. Advice to new players will always be provided and the corp will help anyone struggling for isk get into a ship to have fun!

Current members are mostly UK/EU time zone however happy to consider any TZ.

Contact Redeem Incarce or Andy Cupra in game, or join our public channel:

Herd. Public House.

if you are interested in joining.

Check out the links below to provide more details on what we offer:
GOATS never die

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Great set of lads, couldnt recommend them more :slight_smile:

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Still recruiting future greats

join the Herd.

still looking for a few more guns

why be a sheep when you can be a G-O-A-T?

still looking for casual pvpers

come join our Herd.

still looking for those looking to explode

Lose some ships with us. Have fun.

bah bah come join the herd

EVE G-O-A-T-S know that what space really needs, is more frozen corpses

:goat:GOAT :goat:

have some great new members but looking for more

G-O-A-T-S taught me everything I know but please don’t hold it against them!

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lets do spaceships


PVE or PVP we got the GOAT for YOU!


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come shoot stuff in holes :wink: