Bored? Join the Herd. PVP across HS, LS & WH space

EVE G-O-A-T-S is a founding member of Herd. an alliance of small, PVP focused corporations.

Our main activities as a group include (but is not limited to):

  • Low Sec Roaming
    We roam in a range of ship types and regions. We are one of the few groups around that still roam in battleships (with mixed success). We engage larger groups and are unconcerned about our Killboard. If we think we can get kills, we will take the fights

  • High Sec Wars
    When we say high sec wars, we don;t mean camping the Perimeter gate in Jita. When we war dec, we go to war. We hit structures, we lose structures. We look for fights over ganks.

  • WH activities
    We have structures in a C3 wormhole which we use for both PVP and PVE content. Whilst we are not a hardcore WH group, we know how to live in a WH and can teach anyone the basics of WH life.

What we are looking for:

  • We mostly operate in EU TZ, but happy to consider members from any TZ.

  • We will consider all skill levels and backgrounds. No activity is off limits, however we would prefer that all members are Omega.

  • Newer / poorer members can be supplied with ships. No one will ever be unable to undertake an activity due to lack of isk.

  • PVP experience not required and is not the only activity we undertake, however the alliance is PVP leaning, so an interest in that area of the game is recommended.

  • We use discord for voice comms and all members should have a mic and discord installed

  • The purpose of the alliance is not to get rich, but enjoy good fights and have fun. Members should embrace this and not be afraid of losing ships.

Lastly, we have GOAT memes and we love to post them in local.

Contact Redeem Incarce or Onetonjon in game, or join our local channel: Herd. Public

we are also Kings of Tama


still looking for bittervets and eager learners

to the top!

Recruitment still open

come check us out if you are wanting some laid back pvp action

Glory Awaits, come shoot some things, fire a laser, do some damage, F in local!

Looking for a few more good pilots that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Recruitment still open

can confirm was bored, joined the herd

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