EVE G-O-A-T-S - UK/EU PvP - Recruiting New & Old players

EVE G-O-A-T-S are a small PVP focused corp based out of high sec & low sec.

We are a member of the mid-sized alliance Strictly Unprofessional, based out of Essence region. The alliance is very active and has a presence in both EU and US time zones, however our corp is EU leaning. We are looking for a handful of active players to increase our strength and unlock more opportunities for fun.

What we can offer:

  • PVP Training

  • Regular small/medium gang pvp in High Sec and Low Sec

  • Access to industry - including ore buyback

  • SRP on alliance ops

  • Fleets for a range of ship sizes - from frigate to capital


  • Excellent out of game services and tools

What we are looking for

  • Players who are experienced in PVP

  • Newer players (although Omega only) wanting to learn PvP

  • Indy/PvE pilots also welcome, as the alliance has a strong industrial backbone, but our members must be willing to fleet up for PvP ops.

  • People who enjoy casual pew pew

  • Willingness to locate close to the corp/alliance

  • People willing to help the alliance achieve it’s goals. We are a close knit corp & alliance and want all members to be involved in activities as a group

  • Discord and a working mic. We sit in comms and talk bs.

  • Omega pilots with more than 10m skillpoints preferred (although lower SP characters might be considered depending)

If you are interested in joining would like to discuss what we can offer, please mail Redeem Incarce in game.

Alliance KB: Strictly Unprofessional | Alliance | zKillboard

Fly Safe

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Looking for some laid back pilots who like to shoot things and be merry.

Returning players welcome!

Goats the only way



Got some good members, but looking for a few more.

come make explosions!

Since leaving EastEnders in a coffin, my life was empty till I joined the GOATS!!! Come along and say hello darlings and enjoy internet spaceships.

We saved Pam’s afterlife. We could save yours too!

Still looking for pilots unafraid of painting the killboard red

Casual pvp and indy in high sec and low. Returning players welcome!

Looking for more pilots still, welcoming group who can help get you up to speed in no time. Fun roams all over K space and through WH’s. Any experience is welcome but not required.

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Still looking for more good pilots to join the herd!

As a Goat I have heaps of fun. These guys are the real deal. Great Community! Best expirience so far for me in EvE Online!

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still looking for more good pilots


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Daily bump ahoy


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we have an active community
and love drunken roams!
We act with impunity
and write short poems

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bump - still recruiting