Eve Glasgow (27th Oct)


Once again its back! Eve Glasgow is back once again, for those that have been in the past and for those that have not, its a chance to come face to face with some fellow players, have a drink or two, and have a good chat about all things eve.

Eve Meet link below


Venue is as always the hillhead bookclub on vinicomb street in the west end of glasgow.

Transport is best by subway to hillhead then a short walk up the street to the pub.


Whoop Whoop Once again due too Small Critters I shall be running late but hopefully around 5ish I shall arrive :slight_smile:

I’ve missed the last few but hopefully, barring Acts of Bob, I should be along to this one.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/9qntbt/eve_glasgow_27th_oct_saturday/ small bumpy :smiley:

sweeeet :slight_smile:

Might be drunk by then but hey ho, standard service

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