EvE Glasgow : Dec 28th

(Glasgow Dunlop) #1

So using the Same post again as to keep it all in the one area . .

The Next Glasgow meet will be on the 28th of Dec at the usual place of the hillhead bookclub!

2pm starting time, and make sure to be there before-hand, as this time around we may take the group on a lil’ roam :wink:

(nitro oxide) #2

Lovely see ya then :+1:

(nitro oxide) #3

Running late as always should get there for 4 pm cheers

(Glasgow Dunlop) #4

As am i. Waiting for a cab just now. Be in the bar asap :blush:

(Glasgow Dunlop) #5

So oitside the bar just now with a beer

(nitro oxide) #6

Good night xxx

(nitro oxide) #7

Oh my kisses I must have been pissed lol

(CCP Claymore) #8

How was the turnout?

I was actually in Scotland this weekend but up in Aberdeen at a wedding! :slight_smile:

I do miss a good piss up in the Bookclub chatting EVE!

Keep up the good work Glasgow Dunlop!

(Glasgow Dunlop) #9


(nitro oxide) #10

Sadly I shall have to miss this one but I hope you have a good time! Cheers Nitro

(Corran O'Donnell) #11

possibly come this event. let me know where about meet up is

(Glasgow Dunlop) #12

Will be updating with a venue in the next few days :smiley:

(Perian StillWalker) #13

I’ll try to make it along, depending on whether I’ve recovered from the holiday festivites or not.

(Glasgow Dunlop) #14

Eve glasgow is underway!!

(nitro oxide) #15

How did it go? Hope you lot had good time just let me know when next one is on :grinning:

Cheers nitro

(Asssassin X) #16

Whens the next one dunlop!

(Glasgow Dunlop) #17

soon :wink:

work and RL has been kicking my ass for the last bit, I do have some free time next week so there will be more info around then. There might be a chance the next meet wont be until after fanfest, but keep a looky out for details here, and on my twitter as well.

(CCP Claymore) #18

Let’s just have the Glasgow meet at Fanfest that way I can totally attend? :thinking:

(nitro oxide) #19

Rings Dinner bell :slight_smile:

(nitro oxide) #20

See you at 6 pm tonight!