EvE Glasgow : Dec 28th

So using the Same post again as to keep it all in the one area . .

The Next Glasgow meet will be on the 28th of Dec at the usual place of the hillhead bookclub!

2pm starting time, and make sure to be there before-hand, as this time around we may take the group on a lil’ roam :wink:

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Lovely see ya then :+1:

Running late as always should get there for 4 pm cheers

As am i. Waiting for a cab just now. Be in the bar asap :blush:

So oitside the bar just now with a beer

Good night xxx

Oh my kisses I must have been pissed lol

How was the turnout?

I was actually in Scotland this weekend but up in Aberdeen at a wedding! :slight_smile:

I do miss a good piss up in the Bookclub chatting EVE!

Keep up the good work Glasgow Dunlop!


Sadly I shall have to miss this one but I hope you have a good time! Cheers Nitro

possibly come this event. let me know where about meet up is

Will be updating with a venue in the next few days :smiley:

I’ll try to make it along, depending on whether I’ve recovered from the holiday festivites or not.

Eve glasgow is underway!!

How did it go? Hope you lot had good time just let me know when next one is on :grinning:

Cheers nitro


Whens the next one dunlop!

soon :wink:

work and RL has been kicking my ass for the last bit, I do have some free time next week so there will be more info around then. There might be a chance the next meet wont be until after fanfest, but keep a looky out for details here, and on my twitter as well.

Let’s just have the Glasgow meet at Fanfest that way I can totally attend? :thinking:

Rings Dinner bell :slight_smile:

See you at 6 pm tonight!