EVE is a pvp only game so what is plan for removing solo content?

Seems CCP is trying to limit solo PVE which is a great thing and what the players want but why keep doing small changes and not remove all the PVE content outright?

Wouldnt this get to a better play state and more people in nullsec and engaging in active PVP?

Seems an odd approach…

I do not know in what virtual world you fly and live in but i thank god for EVE being equally PvP and PvE oriented, at least in my experience and I feel it is still extremely able to balance the fine line in between these seemingly opposite playerbases.


Are there? I don’t see any indication that would suggest this. Do you have a source or evidence to back this claim up?

Why does CCP need to “remove all the PVE content outright”?

You’re pretty dumb if your logic only gets you this far.


We pretty much wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for PvE content, so I don’t know why you’d want it to migrate solely to PvP…


They make small changes to mining and incursions to limit some of this but would better to just remove them like players want so the PVP focus is greater.

I don’t know where you’re getting that, but I don’t think the players want that. Are you playing the same game we are?


This is pretty low effort trolling, even for this forum. 2/10


I play the EVE online

Did we really need another thread for that? We get it, you are butt hurt they nerf some resources. That doesn’t mean they remove PvE elements.


Then you must be wrong because I don’t see any of what you are claiming.

The point of the thread is pretty simple.

OP is a salty PvE pilot (probably a miner) who is mad about the recent “nerfs” to mining. Even though in the long run, the nerfs won’t actually impact him directly. Instead of realizing that, he’s trying to make some dumb argument of, “well, if you’re going make these changes, why not just remove it altogether?”

The implication here is that CCP is making these change to “remove solo content”. Again, this leads support to the thought that he’s a solo pve miner. Yet again though, it’s weird, because these changes don’t actually impact him in the way he thinks it does.

TL:DR, idiot who won’t be personally impacted by the changes is being salty.


Hey OP? I’m buying Rorquals and Rorq pilots. I’m assuming you have a few to get rid of now?


false accusations and threats are false.

i do the PVP not the mining. mining is bad for game and detracts from PVP play

I don’t care. Your idea is terrible, full stop.

Obvious troll is obvious…


The year is now set up in quadrants. Right now we’re in the PvP quadrant. It’s extremely unlikely that there won’t be any PvE quadrants. On a totally unrelated note: Why are people stupid?

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I just cba to get into this. I wanted to. Then I realised it is just too easy now. Besides, it’s already been covered - “stupid people” and “quadrants”.

Maybe someone will make a thread dumb enough for me to make something of it tomorrow :frowning:


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Is this Rod’s new alt?

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OP never trained the logic skill to level 1, I doubt he even injected that skill.

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