EVE Network Diagnostic Tool

Not supported anymore?

how do i check Tranquility connection stability? nowdays?

I see Tranq IP is:
However when i check its location it shows in Kansas, US. ( cloudfare )
Yet I know Tranquility is in London.

So i am somewhat confused how to correctly ping and find out health of the connection.


not exactly what i was looking for
I am aware of this site.
I want to check MY route to Tranquility, specifically health of MY connection to Eve.
Eve Launcher used to have this diagnostic tool. I dont see it anymore.

I believe it is still available, under the E icon in the task bar notification area? The whole launcher menu moved there.

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yep, thats where i just saw it as well, in the taskbar notification on the desktop

Damn it, hidden so well!

lol so much for interface improvements :slight_smile: GJ :slight_smile:

i cant find that damn thing, any one has a screens hot?

Does Eve support IPv6 endpoints yet?

I see no E icon here

i thought it would be under tools and cache settings but no…

Taskbar on desktop

In the Windows/Mac task bar, not inside the launcher itself. It’s really weird and dumb, but that’s what they did to de-clutter the UI.

I’m not at my computer so sorry, no screenshots from a Mac as an example.

OMG, LOL so intuitive !!! :slight_smile:
THANK YOU FOR THE SCREENSHOT ( was just withdrawn )

why not just add “E” icon next to to the “Gear” icon on the launcher itself?
That would be quite obvious and intuitive.
Id spend another year looking for that E icon, who does that? only Invidia from what i can think of

fixed my mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks again

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