Network Diagnostic Tool missing

It used to in system tray but now they gone? where they move now?

It’s in the launcher.

Can’t find it, it used to in the Launcher then moved to System Tray icon (windows) now it’s not there anymore. As a player from South East Asia with not so great Internet connection I need that tool to see my ping and decide if it’s good time to log in or not.

Yeah, it’s gone. But since it’s network diagnostic for launcher, not client I wouldn’t bother.

EVE uses 1s tick server. Unless your ping exceeds 1000ms, there shouldn’t be ping related issues.

EvE is going South … regardless of what kind of server(s) they pretend to use.
Heavy lag today - above 30 sec. just to undock … and missing Network Diagnostics Tool to check the things.
EVE used to be for fun and entertainment … back then. :-[[

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I’m not happy at all about this change!!! They need to bring it back ASAP!!!
Can’t believe only 5 people have chimed in about it!

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