How to tracert the server?

So I am experiencing lag spike in the game. The data/update within the game will load to my system after like two minutes. I was doing some ratting, the damage info that usually appears on the screen, this time they don’t. The commands I give also takes up to two or three minutes.

I have checked my internet connection, speed testing it, restarted both modem and router, none works. I could get into the game, continue with the ratting again, after a few mins, the lag spike happened again.

Which IP should I do tracert for?

Thank you.

Use the EVE Network Diagnostic tool - since EVE uses Cloudflare a direct IP trace isn’t going to work properly.

Image of where to find the tool when the Launcher is open:



So I upload the results here?

Just attach them to a support ticket so that ccp can take a look. It’s what they normally ask for in case of connection / lag problems.


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