tracert error ¿can this be the cause of closed sockets?

I noticed that when using the connection diagnostic tool “Trace route” it throws me a waiting error from an address, in my case it is the server and if I look for the address in google it turns out that it is hosted by 88.148. 119.1 is a hosting service with protection against DDOS, spam … (you can see this kind of services if we enter in the browser the IP ending in 1).
The question I ask myself is whether the type of data transmitted between the server and the EVE client are intercepted by the host when they are detected as some type of attack and, consequently, they disconnect this communication.

In my case, I am from Spain and I thought it could be related to what other users suffer from a problem that could only be corrected if the EVE staff does the appropriate tests to make sure that the data is not interpreted as some kind of attack by the ISPs or servers that are between the EVE server and the client.

If I enter the address to which a tracert is made ( in the browser I get an error 403.

I’m sorry for this long text.

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